• Here at NOVU, we believe in experience therapy that takes your eyes off your computer and onto something creative. Our team aspires to connect remote, hybrid and in-person teams through team building activities which results in amazing creative pieces in the office space.

Painting and painting and painting

We are currently offering a range of customizable painting experiences to bring your team together. Online or in person, our formula for creating long lasting memories and mementos is proven to be effective.

What do you want to see next?

Looking forwards, we want to diversify the range of experiences so that we can always be providing the freshest experiences for you guys. Of course that means that we value all of your feedback greatly, so if you have any suggestions about what you want to see next, please pop us a message on our socials or through our contact page.

Ho, ho, ho

With Christmas season just around the corner, you best be on the lookout for what we have coming soon...